Trip Overview

*I was also a travel correspondent for a program called Reach The World. This program connected me with a 5th grade classroom at a school in New York who read my posts as a part of their curriculum to learn more about the world. Although the website ended up having some issues early on, you can see some of the articles that I wrote for them at this link  and this link shows the wordpress blog RTW set up after the website issues. I was so glad to be a part of this amazing program!

What I Will Do In Costa Rica With My Study Abroad Program:

Cultural Activities:
Weekly Activities:
  • make international friends
  • stay with a host family
  • learn to cook traditional Costa Rican meals
  • speak Spanish
  • take 1 class with Costa Rican students AS IN THIS CLASS IS ALL IN SPANISH AHHHH
  • take 4 Spanish classes with other kids in my program
  • volunteer with kids at a Hogar Infantil