Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm alive!


So I have arrived (finally) at la casa de mi madre Tica. (Tico/a means someone who is Costa Rican.) So yes worrying family, I am safe :)

American airlines delayed my flight, surprise surprise. But I did meet a cool girl from Nevada coming to study in Costa Rica also. She isn't with my program but it was fun to have someone to talk to while we waited (and waited,and waited..) to.board the plane.

Funny story, more like awkward.
So I'm getting off the airplane and the guy in front of me is this real grizzly looking guy wearing way too big blue jeans with a suit jacket that looked like it came from 1965 and hes chatting up the flight attendant. Well hes holding everyone up so shes like move along sir and he starts walking AND HIS PANTS LITERALLY FELL DOWN TO THE GROUND. I was like this cant be real life, but nope, it was.

So obviously I try to avoid eye contact so he doesn't get embarrassed. Well we get off the plane and guess who is in line behind me for immigration? YUP. He starts telling all of us how hes a writer and has this this and this book out which is kinds cool but all I can think is "ive seen your underwear."

After all that, I easily found my bags and my program director. Another student was there to ride the van from the airport with me so that was good also. He is actually two doors down from me. my roommate was asleep when I got here so I haven't met her yet. But my madre Tica is so sweet and welcoming! I can tell I'm going to learn a lot from her.she says she will take me to church with her next week.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pre Departure


So I leave in 48 hours and I am super excited! I'm almost all packed too.

Attention family: I will not get my phone until Monday at the earliest, possibly Tuesday, so I am not dead, I promise. I'll post when I get to Costa Rica, but I can't call anyone until I get the phone.

I was told it was a bad idea to mail anything from the US to Costa Rica, but I only recently figured out why.

Unlike in the US, where we have specific addresses 123 Blah Street, Town, State 12345, in Costa Rica, they use landmarks! I found this completely shocking and also super confusing. The way that they do addresses is by telling you a landmark and then how many meters away and in which direction the location is. The Mall, 100 Meters West, City, Province.

So THAT is pretty cool.