Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pre Departure


So I leave in 48 hours and I am super excited! I'm almost all packed too.

Attention family: I will not get my phone until Monday at the earliest, possibly Tuesday, so I am not dead, I promise. I'll post when I get to Costa Rica, but I can't call anyone until I get the phone.

I was told it was a bad idea to mail anything from the US to Costa Rica, but I only recently figured out why.

Unlike in the US, where we have specific addresses 123 Blah Street, Town, State 12345, in Costa Rica, they use landmarks! I found this completely shocking and also super confusing. The way that they do addresses is by telling you a landmark and then how many meters away and in which direction the location is. The Mall, 100 Meters West, City, Province.

So THAT is pretty cool.


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